Thats what you call service?


Lets face it. America is becoming a service economy.  Someone should tell that to the people that serve you.


I wrote before about the changes in the American economic climate. One of the results of these changes is the switch from a creator economy to that of a service economy.  We simply make very little here. The broadest job market is that of service. Even most skilled labor positions can be seen as service providers.


While skilled labor is still a good bet,  many of us must turn to providing valuable services to pay the bills, such as wait staff positions. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Until you realize that as Americans we have lost the fine art of courtesy and the customer is not only not always right but often an interruption and annoyance.


I don’t know about you but I prefer to spend my limited time and disposable income in establishments that make me happy, feel good about being there and make me feel valued. If I walk out of a restaurant feeling like I was an interruption to the hostess phone conversation, or I was to much of a bother to my waiter, I’m unlikely to return to that establishment again.  The same holds true for a salon or a grocery store.


We seem to have forgotten to teach our children that when you are serving, when you only eat if you make your customers happy and your boss makes a profit, you should probably not act like an insufferable asshole. I don’t think this means we should grovel, but clearly there is a middle ground here.


We were at a rather popular chain seafood restaurant over the weekend. I had commented to my man how silly I thought it was that they were making the wait staff dance in the aisle, though it was cute. When I noticed one young lady, the hostess for the afternoon, putting so little effort into the cute little line dance that I wondered why she bothered.  These folks were literally singing for their supper, and this young lady couldn’t be really bothered. Yes the dance was silly, and probably embarrassing, but did you not know this was required when you took the job? If you don’t want to have to do the silly little dance don’t agree to it. There are 50 more people willing to do the job you agreed to do.



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